Writing CAE part 2 Sample Proposal 2

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Proposal- Model question 2


Students at your college have to give a spoken presentation as part of their final assessment and need some help. The school director has invited you to send a proposal outlining any problems students have with presentations and suggesting how these problems could be overcome.

Write your proposal in 220-260 words in an appropriate style.

Proposal- Model answer 2

Helping with students presentations: a proposal


In this proposal I will describe some of the difficulties students at this school have with preparing their final presentations, present the key needs to be addressed and conclude by making by making a series of recommendations on how teachers at the school could assist students with overcoming the obstacles to giving a successful presentation confidently.

Current situation

Following discussion among the students, it has become clear that many of them are feeling very nervous about the upcoming presentations. A number of students are struggling to select an appropriate structure. Comments made suggest that students lack previous experience in public speaking and would like opportunities to practise before the final assessment.

Key needs to be addressed

Students require additional help with topic selection and presentation structure, and opportunities need to be provided for students to gain experience in front of others.


I would suggest the following actions to teachers at the school:

  • Provide students with a list of possible presentation topics.
  • There should be a lesson or workshop on structuring a presentation for those who are interested.
  • I recommend that students are given time during class to practise their presentations in small groups.
  • Additional upfront speaking opportunities should be incorporated into classes including plays and games.

If these suggestions are implemented, it will lead to increased student confidence and performance for the final presentations.

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