Writing CAE part 2 Sample Report 3

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Report – Model question 3


Your local council is conducting an enquiry into the volume of visitors to the centre of your town or city with a view to encouraging more people to make greater use of shops, restaurants, cafés and entertainment facilities there. You agree to write a report describing the existing situation, including factors which discourage people from coming to the city centre and recommending ways of attracting more visitors.

Write your report in 220-260 words in an appropriate style.

Report – Model answer 3

Report on the city centre


The principal aims of this report are to provide an overview of the volume of visitors using services in our city centre and to identify factors which deter people from using them. The final section makes recommendations as to how the situation could be improved.

Current situation

I conducted interviews with a random selection of shoppers and customers in local restaurants and cafés. Fewer than half regularly visited the city centre. Among those who did make frequent use of what is on offer, most cited the pedestrianised Mitchell Mall as their favorite area. Smaller numbers enjoyed shopping or dining around Holmes Square, though several people said they found the traffic noise disagreeable.

Factors preventing greater use of city centre services

There was a clear division between those who regularly visited the city centre and those who so infrequently. The latter cited traffic congestion and pollution along with inflated prices for goods as factors that acted as a deterrent. For those who frequently came into town, on the other hand, the pedestrianised area and the outdoor café were a major attraction.


Clearly more could be done to attract people to our city centre. I would make the following recommendations:

  • extend the pedestrianised area to include the streets surrounding Holmes Square so as to capitalise on what is already an attractive area.
  • encourage shops, cafés and restaurants to offer discounts to regular customers.
  • maintain access to the pedestrianised areas for cyclists.

This final recommendation will encourage those who currently cycle into town to continue to do so, while reducing noise and pollution from motor traffic.

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