Writing CAE part 2 Sample Review 2

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Review – Model question 2


You see the following advertisement in a music magazine.

Ever fancied yourself as a music journalist? Now’s your chance.
We’re looking for enthusiastic music lovers to write a review of their favourite album of all time. We want to know why you love it and why you think everyone should listen to it. It doesn’t matter who the artist is or how old or new the music is.
Send in a review of your favourite album of all time giving reasons for your choice.

Write your review in 220-260 words in an appropriate style.

Review – Model answer 2

A thrilling album

I’m certainly not alone in my choice of favourite album. In fact, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” has sold over 50 million copies worldwide since being released in 1982, and still currently holds the much coveted title of “best-selling album of all time”. A toe-tapping blend of pop, funk and R&B, it’s sure to get everyone grooving at a party, yet also contains unexpected emotional power in the lyrics.

Jam-packed full of catchy melodies such as the opening “Wanna be startin’ something” and the famous “Beat it”, almost every song makes you want to hum along. It’s like a feast for the ears, with a range of styles from the soft duet ballad with Paul McCartney “The Girl is Mine” to the rock/pop of the title track. The album will leave you with no doubt of the unique and extraordinary talent of the King of Pop. What disco would be complete without a few of his renowned numbers?

Unlike much of today’s modern pop, this album actually deals with a huge number of deep themes such as jealousy, loneliness and obsession. The song “Billie Jean”, for example, chronicles a story of a crazed fan who insists that she has his baby. Not hard to imagine that the artist was channeling some real experiences in his writing.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that this remains the best-selling album of all time and I challenge even the most cynical listener to play “Thriller” without tapping along.

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