Writing FCE part 1 Sample Essay 2

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You had a discussion in class about pollution in cities.

Your teacher has asked you to write an essay giving your opinions on the following statement.

Cars should be banned from city centres.

Write your essay in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.


MY ESSAY PLAN: I made it in only 5 minutes!

INTRO: Different lifestyle in previous years

PARAGRAPH 1 AGREE WITH THE TITLE: Pedestrian areas, greater population, pollution and dangers.

PARAGRAPH 2: DISAGREE WITH THE TITLE: Exceptions: Residents, pensioners and delivery men.

CONCLUSION: Banning is inevitable because of progress.


In recent times our lifestyle has changed dramatically in many ways. In the past people could drive freely around the city without any problem, but nowadays traffic in city centres has become a serious headache. The authorities now feel obliged to take urgent measures to solve this issue.

Most modern cities and large towns have turned their centre into pedestrian zones due to the increase in population and a greater number of car users. Parking is almost impossible and space is running out, not to mention the health risk from pollution and the question of road safety.

Although banning cars from the city centre seems to be an inevitable consequence of all this, we should not forget about those people who must be able to access these areas without restrictions. Pensioners, disabled people and local residents are an exceptional case, and lorry and van drivers should be allowed to deliver to shops or offices.

In conclusion, the prohibition of cars from city centres is probably the only practical solution owing to lack of space. These measures should not, however, affect those who live or work there.


  • Use introductory phrases to talk about the current situation.
  • Include expressions such as: due to, owing to, as a result of this.
  • Use modal verbs like: should, ought to or must in this type of essay.
  • Check carefully for a few minutes when you have finished your essay.
  • Always answer the question! Don’t forget what you’re writing about.