Writing FCE part 1 Sample Essay 4

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Your teacher has asked you to write a composition about the following statement:

The roles of men and women are changing in modern society

Write your essay in 140-190 words in an appropriate style giving your opinion.


MY ESSAY PLAN: Took me 5 minutes to write

INTRO: Changes in the 60s/feminist movement

PARAGRAPH 1 AGREE WITH TITLE: Women study more/better jobs

PARAGRAPH 2 DISAGREE WITH TITLE: Earn less money/work and look after kids/domestic violence

CONCLUSION: Progress made, but still discrimination/roles must still change




Since the sexual revolution in the sixties and the progress of feminist movements in recent times, the roles of men and women in society have been constantly evolving.

Fifty years ago most women finished school early and left home to get married, become a housewife and look after the children. Nowadays, however, a high percentage of women have university degrees and careers in a previously male-dominated world. Presently, it is not surprising to see female Members of Parliament or women occupying executive positions in companies.

On the other hand, despite these positive changes, many men still earn more money than women for doing the same job. While male partners contribute more with basic tasks such as housework and caring for children, many women have to do both! Besides this, it seems that domestic violence is increasing alarmingly, and may be a consequence of men losing power and control.

In conclusion, it could be said that in spite of great advances in sexual equality, discrimination is still a serious social problem and men are finding it difficult to adapt to their new role.



  • Note the use of time expressions such as: in recent times, nowadays, presently, previously.
  • Remember to include ‘contrast’ expressions like: on the other hand.
  • Win marks by using: despite, while, besides, in spite of.
  • Make a plan and always write the maximum number of words; 190.