Writing FCE part 2 sample Article 1

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WRITING   Part 2     Article 1

Your school wants to start some new after-school clubs and you see this announcement in your school magazine.

New Clubs wanted after School

Table-tennis, basketball, guitar playing and cookery have been suggested as possible clubs.

Make another suggestion for a new club and explain why it would be a good idea and we will    publish your article in next month’s magazine.


Write your article in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.



I ‘brainstormed’ CHESS for 2 minutes, then I made a little plan. Brainstorming is a fantastic solution for writing all kinds of compositions!


Brain Games



Comment the 4 possible club options. Make my suggestion for   another club-CHESS.

Benefits of chess

Making a plan, concentrating for long period. Analyzing, competing, improving


Two classes per week with a teacher from local club (12 students max. per class) Takes place in library. Mon/Wed 5-6.30



Train your brain

How many teenagers can sit and think for an hour without speaking, playing with their mobile or losing their concentration?

Although doing sports or learning to play an instrument and cooking are really useful activities, I think we sometimes forget about improving our brains. That’s why I would like to propose the greatest mental sport ever invented-chess.

Benefits of learning the ‘Master Game’

You might have heard people say ‘’Chess is slow and boring’. You could say the same about mathematics, but it depends on the teacher and the way the subject is taught.

It will make our academic life easier and more fun and will help us in the future to organize our studies. Remember that chess is also extremely competitive and is often called ‘mental boxing’.

Facilities, teacher and conclusion

It seems that the library is available for after-school activities on Monday and Wednesday and I’ve spoken to a chess player from the local club, Martin (a really amusing and clever guy). He has offered to come twice a week to teach from 5.30-7.00 pm.

It’s time to train your brain and discover all the mystery hidden inside the 64 squares. You will NOT be bored when you play on this board!




I chose chess because it’s my hobby and it’s something I love and understand.

It’s very easy to think of arguments and my enthusiasm is obvious to the reader.

I brainstormed chess to think of some nice adjectives describing the benefits of chess.

My introduction tries to get the reader’s attention.

I used ‘rhetorical questions’ (it’s a kind of open question which makes the reader think).

I used a style of writing to bring me close to the reader in a familiar way.

I wrote 3 paragraphs, each with about 60 words. Total number of words in the article (not including headings): 193

I gave each paragraph an underlined heading:

Train your brain

Benefits of learning the ‘Master Game’

Facilities, teacher and conclusion