Writing FCE part 2 sample Article 3

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Writing Part 2 Article 3

You see this announcement in an English language magazine.

The Home of the Future

In what ways will people’s homes be different in the future?

In what ways will they be the same?

The writer of the best article will receive a prize.

Write your article in 120-180 words in an appropriate style.


I ‘brainstormed’ the subject of future homes for 2 or 3 minutes, then I made a little plan. Brainstorming is a great solution when you are writing articles.

TITLE: Living in the house of the future

Introduction: Science fiction or reality?

Different in the future: Materials, digital technology, smart kitchen, robots

The same in the future: Floors, walls! Different lifestyle?




Science fiction or reality?

I’m sure everybody has seen science fiction films like this: the robot is cleaning the house and you are programming the cooker while you watch satellite T.V. Everything is automatic, clean and digital. The only chips in your kitchen are made of silicon. If you have ever wondered about living in the house of the future, read on.

The mouse controls the house

In fact, robots have not taken over yet. We still clean the house, cook the dinner and go shopping for food. Scientists have claimed that ‘intelligent (smart) kitchens will do everything. It will order our food from the shops, then cook it for us.

Will we build houses using different materials? The answer is probably yes. They will be ecological buildings made to save energy, with large windows and solar panels everywhere.

The same as usual

Personally, I’m still waiting for the digital age to change my lifestyle. I still have four walls and a floor in every room, I open my door using a key, not a device which recognizes my voice. I still cook and clean without the help of clever robots. The futuristic films I watched twenty years ago are still fantasy.


The instructions for this question are clear: differences and similarities in the house of the future.

To get ideas for my article, I thought about my old house and just used my imagination. A sense of humour is ok in articles.

My introduction tries to get the reader’s attention.

I used ‘rhetorical questions’ (it’s a kind of open question which makes the reader think). ”Will we build houses using different materials?”

I used my sense of humour and irony to argue my point.

Technical stuff

I wrote 3 paragraphs. Total number of words in the article (not including headings): 194

I gave each paragraph an underlined heading:

Science fiction or reality?

The mouse controls the house

The same as usual