Writing FCE part 2 Sample Informal Email 2

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Informal email/letter 2 – Model question


You have received this email from your English-speaking friend, Jean.

I hear you organised a surprise birthday party for your mother. I’d love to hear about it. What kind of party did you organise? Who did you invite? How did it go? Do tell me.

Write your email in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.

Note: The following model answer includes some notes to help

Informal email/letter 2 – Model answer

Open with an informal greeting
Hi Jean,

Start your reply by referring to the sender's email/letter.
Good to hear from you again. I hope you’re still enjoying your job.

Give reason for replying
I’m glad you asked me about the party I planned for my mother’s birthday. Well, I have to say it was a fantastic success. I told my mother we were taking her out for a quiet meal at a local restaurant with just the family, but in fact I’d(1) hired a large room in a hotel and invited all her old friends!(2)

Start a new paragraph as the topic has changed slightly.
Use an informal linking word/phrase
Anyway, I picked my mother up and told her I’d changed my mind. We were going to have a meal in a hotel. You should have seen her face when she walked into the room and everyone cheered! She just couldn’t believe it and burst into tear(3). Then the party got going and it didn’t finish until four in the morning. We were absolutely exhausted, but my mother had had a wonderful time.

When you close, make an excuse to finish.
Must dash now – I’ve got to go to college. Hope to hear from you (4).

Make sure you finish with an informal phrase


(1) Use contractions
(2) Use some exclamation marks (but not too many) to express emotion.
(3) Use a range of appropriate vocabulary and informal expressions
(4) Short sentences are acceptable

(+/- 150 words)