Writing FCE part 2 sample Report 2

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A group of American students is coming to visit your school in a few months. They have never been to your town before so their coordinator, Mr. James, has asked you to write a report about interesting places worth visiting in the area.

Write a report describing the places and explain why you think they may be of interest to the group of visiting students.

Write your report to Mr. James in around (140-190 words).



Subject: Interesting places to visit during your stay in Liverpool.
Introduction: Why I am writing To suggest places of interest.
Next paragraph 2 types of activity open all year-suitable for groups of visitors.
Visit 1 Visit to Beatles Museum.
Visit 2 Visit to Liverpool F.C.
Conclusion Would recommend them. Well known and popular.



To: Mr. James
From: Peter Law
Date: 26 June 2012
Subject: Interesting places to visit during your stay in Liverpool


This report is written to suggest places of interest that may be worth visiting by your group of young people in Liverpool.


There are many places in the area worth recommending, but unfortunately some of them are open to public only in summer peak season. However, there are two attractions that may be taken into consideration as they seem suitable for you:

1. The Beatles are the most popular rock band in history, so it is no surprise that the Beatles Museum is probably the greatest tourist attraction in the city. It opens every day to welcome fans from around the world.

2. For all football fans, a trip to Anfield Road to discover the secrets of the legendary Liverpool Football Club is a must. You can visit the trophy room, stroll around the famous stadium on a guided tour and maybe even watch a match if you plan your visit on a Saturday afternoon.


I would not hesitate to recommend both of these places to your group. These attractions are well-known and especially popular for younger visitors.



Typical expressions are highlighted in black.

Always write about a subject you know well.

Remember to ANSWER THE QUESTION. You must mention some interesting places to visit and say WHY they could be interesting.