Writing FCE part 2 sample Report 3

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Your local tourist office has asked you to write a report on things to do in your area for English-speaking visitors.

Recommend some interesting activities for the tourists to do and explain why they could be good fun.

Write your report to the tourist office (140-190 words).



Subject: Activities for tourists
Introduction 2 types of activity exercise/culture
Point 1 Cycle route: nice countryside, levels of difficulty-distance. Bike rental and map
Point 2 Historical visit: guided tour in English of cathedral, museum and castle
Conclusion Tourists can choose visit. Good fun, healthy and educational



Report on Tourist office


This report is written to recommend some local activities that might be interesting and good fun for foreign tourists in our area. I would like to propose two different kinds of activity. The first suggestion is for those who enjoy physical exercise while the second one is more cultural.


1. Cycling: There are a number of pretty cycle routes around the town and the countryside. Bicycles can be rented in the town centre and the tourist office could give the visitor a map in English so they can plan the length or level of difficulty of their route.

2. Culture; A fascinating experience for history lovers would be a guided walking tour in English around Smalltown’s splendid cathedral, spectacular medieval castle and the local history museum. This visit usually lasts about three hours, so it could be done in a morning.


Personally I would definitely recommend both of these options as I am sure tourists would have a good time getting to know our town while doing exercise and could combine these activities with a visit to some of our excellent local pubs and restaurants!



I only included 2 different points and used quite formal language. I spent about 10 minutes on my plan and then just expanded each point to write my report.

My report is based on a real town, but with an invented name. It’s easier to find a plan if you think of real places and activities.

Have a look at the typical expressions highlighted in black.