Writing FCE part 2 Sample Review 3

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You have seen the following notice in a magazine called TV World:

Reviews wanted for our magazine!

What is your favourite film of all time? Write a short review and it could be published in our next issue. Give your opinion about the film and say whether you would recommend watching it.

We will publish the best reviews next month.

Write your review for Film magazine in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.


REVIEW  PLAN   (10 minutes)

TITLE          My favourite film of all time-The Life of Brian
INTRODUCE FIRST POINT When, who, what, where Group of comedians-Monty Python Produced/directed by them 35 years ago. Filmed in the desert of Israel. Parallel life of Jesus Christ.
INTRODUCE MORE POINTS  Controversial/hilarious. Brian doesn’t want to be the chosen one. More than a comedy-questions traditional ideas.
CONCLUSION, OPINION & RECOMMENDATION Worth seeing/classic comedy/well made/very   entertaining/my favourite comedy.




If you’re a film fan, you probably have your own favourites, but I can promise that my choice will make you laugh almost non-stop for ninety minutes.

The Life of Brian was produced and directed in the eighties by the infamous group of British comedians known as Monty Python. It’s a hilarious parody of the life of Jesus Christ and is filmed on location in Israel. It’s an explosive cocktail of sarcasm and blasphemy which created great controversy in its time and still enjoys great popularity.

This manic movie is much more profound than it may seem and is definitely a provocative work with unforgettable musical moments questioning the traditional version of the bible. It is centred around Brian, a typical young Jewish man who is horrified to discover that people think he is the Messiah!

I strongly recommend this movie for comedy fans, especially the final crucifixion scene. It may not be in most people’s Top Ten of all time, but it’s extremely well-made and entertaining. So why not rent it from your local video club and enjoy every minute of this comedy classic.



Typical expressions for writing reviews are in bold print.

Notice how I answered the question by giving my opinions and recommending the film. You MUST include all these points in your answer or you will probably FAIL!

Obviously I chose my favourite film because I know a lot about it. It might be an idea to prepare notes before the exam about your favourite: film, book, soap opera or TV programme.

Always put yourself in the position of the reader and try to transmit your enthusiasm.